finding yourself at candle lite, seated at a quaint little table, covered under a blanket of the utmost beautiful star light.

The most sexy gourmet burger, smothered with the perfect balance of freshness, bacon, seared to perfection and a home made caramelized onion brule is served in front of you.

Your world comes to a complete stop as the first indulgence drifts you off to a different galexcy on its own.  A compliment of summer fun, honey-glazed veggies decorates the presentation to th “T” as one would say.

A light local sparkling wine completes this experience with each bubble popping in your mouth whilst cleansing your pallet for the next trip to Mars.

People always say ” service with a smile” . What a cliche!

Bakesh, situated in the heart of Durbanville gives a brand new meaning to the word “service”. Suav, slick and absolutely emmaculate is only touching the tip of the ice berg.

A true hidden gem awaiting to be discovered by every foodie’s pallet.